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LS-Magazine LS Studio (originally Ukrainian Angels Studio ), was a disguised as a children and youth model studio.

Between 2001 and until his defeat in August 2004, it cloaked as an artist agency company.. The images were on websites or in the form of about 80 individual relating magazines (non-print magazines). These had names such as LS-Magazine, LS-land, Iceland LS, LS-Stars, LS Dreams, LS Barbie, LS, Flash, and LS-LS-Girls Fantasy.

Company History

The company was founded probably already between 1999 and 2001 and acted in his early years under the name of Ukrainian Angels Studio. 2003 changed its name to LS Studio and then started the online magazine.

The company was advertised and promoted as a studio model in the Ukrainian media, including newspapers and television. The photographers sought their models mainly in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov and Simferopol. The photo studio itself was located in Kiev, the photographs were sent to a server operated by the U.S. and Canada. The organization earned in the three years several hundred thousand euros. Some sources speak of a profit of $ 100,000 per month. About 500 Ukrainian girls aged eight to sixteen years were photographed

After several months of investigation by the FBI and the Ukrainian police, the organization was lifted in July 2004. The boss, a mid-20's, was arrested. The police seized video equipment, computers, pictures, financial documents, and the car of the company. On the other hand three photographers (one minor) and one director were arrested. The investigations of the case were, according to a report in Pravda, completed until April 6, 2005. The parents of the young models were paid 10-40 dollars per model hour, which is by Ukrainian standards a lot of money. According to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry most of the parents knew or suspected what were the photo sessions about. In some videos you can hear female stage directions from the off. No parent presented charges.

It has been reported that the central figures were released by the pressure of government officials.

Even after the destruction of the ring there are some of the models, who had now reached the legal age to continue working as a nude model - including the site Karina World, the LS also provided material online.

The picture and video material is still circulating on the Internet and Usenet for free download.

Produced material

First, the images were kept in natural poses, and to describe as nudes. From 2003, the images and poses were becoming more and more sexual in nature ("permissive act") and were made close-up of the sex organs. There was never sexual acts such as sexual intercourse, other sexual acts such as penetration or pictures with boys or adults . With the closure of the agency were limited to Poznan (in the more liberal image series) to implied sexual acts like oral sex imitating the use of objects, such as bananas. Even videos in this kind were made. In general, the produced image and video material referred to as "soft core" pornography.

What distinguished the LS Studio from others of its kind in addition to size, was the professionalism. The images had a very high quality, many were Costumes for model scenes, which often had a thematic content, specifically designed.

The web sites Play Toy Magazine and Girls love child model LS published "Celebrate the Legacy of LS" .To commemorate their presence there is a forum.

The central series are: LS Magazine and LS Land series.

LS Magazine No. 16 was composed of eight sets of pictures and video series from each item.

Sweet Things
Enjoy the Show
Two Sisters
Young & Fresh
Supple Babies
Another Games
Happy Holidays
Happy Birthday
Real Professionals
Fashionable Lolitas
Lively Pers'
Tough Stuff
Everything About Me
Spoilt Babies

LS Land is the No. 32. There are 30 sets in each item of series of images

Merry Christmas
Little Pirates
Cards Castle
Siren Drive
Little Duchess
Forbidden Fruit
Alien Stars
Batman's Babies
Stunning Dolls
Oriental Nights
Old Story
Future School
Retro Ladies
Hawaiian Breeze
Fairy Garden
Summer Time
Light Boxing

LS Island consisted of the following three items. With 30 sets of image series in each item.

My Childhood
In The Middle

In addition, there were series of single girls. Those series were deployed independently or as a separate site, some series were renamed.

Touch It
Little Guests
Shining Pretties
Pretty Animals
Fallen Girls
Little Virgins
Little Pearls
Natural Angels
Crazy Angels

Magic Nymphets (The most famous was Magic Lolita) Shots in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Poor sense of life because it is a very clean interior impression. Whether the set was created it is considered to be provided only for the shooting.

Charming Angels (From the development of Home Lolita) It is a younger version of Magic Lolita.

Lovely Nymphets (The most famous was Ukrainian Nymphets) Outdoor shooting. These four sites are believed to had the most model wide age range.

Gentle Angels (From the development of Ukrainian Angels) It was a pair of Ukrainian Nymphets.

The series No. 5 were named full Dreams.

Short Skirts
First Try
Home Alone
Pandora's Box

These were the video series.

LS-Show (LS-with Video)
Video Nymphets

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